7 Best Memory Cleaners for Mac 2020 [Optimize in 2 Mins]

Today, most of the high-income skills are performed on computer systems, and therefore, everyone wishes for a fast system. Memory is a crucial aspect that affects the speed of Mac and other operating systems. If you want to enhance the performance of your Mac, then increasing memory is the most useful hack you can do. In this article, we will be sharing an effective method to clean the memory of your Mac and also share some of the best memory cleaners for Mac. 

You can either add memory to your computer or delete unwanted files in order to increase the memory of your Mac. If you are searching for a comprehensive report on how to increase memory manually as well as by using memory cleaner for Mac, then you must not miss a phrase of this article. I believe that you are curious enough and so let us move further to the main subject. 

Manually Clean the Memory of your Macbook

As already mentioned in the introduction, memory cleaning is crucial to speed up the performance of your system. To be honest, I use memory cleaner tools to optimize & clean memory of my Mac. However, You can also manually clean software programs, and there is nothing wrong with it except it consumes a lot of time.

I have mentioned different & useful methods to clean the memory of your Mac computer/laptop and eventually boost the speed. 

1. Using Mac Task Manager

Like Windows, Mac also features a Task Manager called Activity Manager that shows all the utilities & activities of the system. You can check all the programs that are eating up the system memory and shut the backend & unused applications. 

To shut down a program completely, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. In the Activity Monitor of your system, opt for the Memory Tab. 
  2. You’ll be able to see all the tasks consuming memory. Analyze which programs are eating up the memory and are obsolete for you.
  3. Now, shut down the suspected process by clicking on the X and then Quit button.

Apart from Memory, the activity manager also projects CPU, Disk & Network usage, which you can use to enhance the overall speed of your Mac.

2. Limit Desktop Shortcuts

Icons & shortcuts on the desktop screen consume memory, and removing them from the desktop releases a good sum of memory. You can put in a few applications but do not create clusters of programs that will slow down the system performance. 

Apart from desktop shortcuts, clearing up task managers & shutting down unused opened programs will also increase the memory of your Mac.

3. Reboot Your System

Sometimes you open tons of programs that eat up all your RAM (memory) and slow down the operation. In this case, try closing all the unwanted programs and restart your Macbook. But restarting the system every time is a little irritating, and hence, you should try other listed methods. 

Apart from these manual methods, you can opt for memory cleaner tools for Mac that automatically does your work.

4. Keep Your Mac Updated

Outdated software tends to deliver more poor performance as compared to updated or latest system software. If you struggle for speed often, then make sure that your system software is up to date. 

Updating software will not only enhance your memory but also eliminate other stock bugs or issues from the system. 

These were some worth doing activities that will enhance the performance by releasing up memory. I know these methods are time consuming & irritating. If you are looking for something more effective & automating, then a memory cleaner for Mac is the best option for you. 

Best Memory Cleaner for Mac

As the name suggests, Memory Cleaners are tools that help users to release memory by clearing junk & other obsolete files from the system. Besides, it also enables the user to completely remove unwanted programs from the system and increase the memory that eventually improves the performance. 

There are infinite numbers of Macbook memory cleaners in the market that makes it difficult to choose the most effective one. We have done the research and the hard part for you and listed the best memory cleaner for Mac in 2020. 

1. MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8 is not just a memory cleaner for Mac but an absolute performance tool. It aims to release memory by removing all types of junk data from your system. MacBooster provides users with a lightweight interface that is highly accessible. Besides, it covers aspects by securing the whole system from viruses & malware.

To save your crucial data, MacBooster 8 enables you to filter programs before cleaning or removing them from the system. My experience with MacBooster 8 was unbelievable because it was the first time I was cleaning my secondary laptop. I loved the turbo booster option that boosts the memory & optimizes the overall system. MacBooster is perfect for the people who use their system more often and runs many application programs.

2. CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is a premium memory cleaner for Mac and ranks #1 on many authority websites. It is a lightweight program that consumes about 150MB of your storage. As the name suggests, CleanMyMac provides users with a complete cleaning of macOS. Unlike the manual uninstallation, the CleanMyMac completely removes the program & cached files from the system— ending up with more memory. 

The interface offered by CleanMyMac enchants you at first and then delivers an astounding experience by enhancing the system speed. If you are searching for a powerful memory cleaner for Mac, then CleanMyMac is certainly a potential option to go for.

3. Memory Cleaner X

Looking for a basic free memory cleaner for Mac? Memory Cleaner X is the perfect option that will cease your search. It saves you from opening the activity monitor by showing all application usage. Memory Cleaner X provides users with a one-time cleanup button that works to release memory by cleaning junk & cached files.

Unlike MacBooster 8 & CleanMyMac, it is not a premium tool and, therefore, does not offer any privacy or protection feature. If you are low on budget and do not want to invest money on subscribing pro tools, then Memory Cleaner X is a potential option. 

4. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner is a freemium cleaner tool for Mac & Windows operating systems. It cleans up all the junk, obsolete, & broken data from your Mac and eventually increases the memory of your system. Like other premium tools, CCleaner enables you to filter your data and save specific files from being kicked. 

The user-interface of CCleaner features straightforward functions with no technical hassle. Besides, the professional (premium) version of CCleaner proffers other real-time monitoring, auto-updates, privacy protection, and responsive support. If your main concern is releasing memory, then you should try CCleaner.

5. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is another potential memory cleaner that aims to release space from your system. Unlike CCleaner for Mac, Disk Doctor does not feature a free plan, but the premium (paid) plan is more affordable. 

According to the ground reviews, Disk Doctor is simple & easy to use and enhances the performance within a few clicks. It consumes less than 10MB storage speed that makes it a powerful & light cleaner for Mac. 

6. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk is a robust & premium memory cleaner for Mac that provides enchanting infographics of the system’s health. Just like any other cleaner tool, DaisyDisk enhances the system speed by removing obsolete data & broken files from the computer. It also offers a free trial version that enables users to experience premium software for free. 

DaisyDisk shows every program that consumes memory in your disk storage. You can try it for free with restricted features or purchase it for about $10.

7. Onyx

Last but not least, Onyx is a fantastic memory cleaning tool for Mac that serves users for absolutely free. It does an in-depth analysis of the system and removes the hidden junk & cache data. Unlike Macbooster & CleanMyMac, it does not protect you against any type of virus or malware.

If you are searching for a trustworthy & free cleaner for your Mac, then Onyx is certainly the best option for you.

Final Words

Being a macOS user for so many years, I can understand how effective cleaning the memory and releasing RAM could be. Today, I have discussed some manual methods to clean the memory of your Mac and enhance the performance. Apart from the manual methods, I have shared some of the best memory cleaners for Mac that will optimize your system to the fullest. 

If you have any issues or suggestions regarding the topic, then let us know. I hope that this comprehensive guide helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding memory cleaners for Mac.

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