MacFly Pro vs CleanMyMac Compared: Find out the Winner?

Every computer system (irrespective of OS) needs a cleaner program to enhance performance. Unlike Windows OS, choosing any program for Mac is certainly perplexing. There are hundreds of potential Mac cleaners available in the market that will not save your system from harmful viruses but also boost system speed by removing unnecessary files. In this article, we will be comparing potential Mac cleaners, i.e., MacFly Pro VS CleanMyMac. We will be comparing the two on the basis of features, performance & genuine online reviews.

MacFly Pro is a powerful Mac cleaner program that offers a comprehensive interface and aims to boost the system speed. Like MacFly Pro, CleanMyMac X provides a straightforward interface and works to remove junk from your system and bring newness to your system. If you are confused between the two, then reading this comprehensive article will certainly help you. Let us not waste anymore of our time and move further to the main comparison.

MacFly Pro vs CleanMyMac Comparison

Unlike other comparisons, this is certainly unbiased, and everything reported here is based on facts & genuine experience. The basic feature of both the software is to clean the system and boost the performance speed. If you are looking for a genuine comparison of MacFly Pro vs CleanMyMac, then read this article thoroughly. 

Features of MacFly Pro

  1. MacFlyPro features a straightforward & simple interface that does not create complications for the users.
  2. Smart Assistants bring ease to the operations and appeals to users.
  3. MacFly Pro scans your system and then removes junk, harmful & dead files. You can also schedule maintenance checks for your Mac.
  4. The toolkit function helps the user to deal with big files and also remove harmful browser extensions.

Features of CleanMyMac

  1. CleanMyMac offers simple commands that bring more accessibility to the program.
  2. It features a one-tap scan that gathers all the unnecessary, junk & harmful files from your Mac.
  3. Apart from basic junk, CleanMyMac aims to remove malware & other virus threats from your Mac.
  4. Unlike the system uninstaller, CleanMyMac’s uninstall completely removes the source of the deleted application/software.

CleanMyMac X vs MacFLy Pro Pricing Comparison

Let us now compare the pricing of both these tools.

Pricing of MacFly Pro

After considering the features & other aspects of MacFly Pro, I can undoubtedly subject it as a value for money service. MacFly Pro offers pervasive pricing software to serve all types of users. You can subscribe for MacFly Pro at a value price of $4.82/monthly (if billed for 2 years.)

Other short term plans are comparatively more expensive than the 2-year plan. So if you are looking for a premium Mac cleaner at an affordable price, then MacFly Pro is no doubt the best option for you.

CleanMyMac X Pricing

CleanMyMac aims to cover a wide range of audiences by offering an economical & pervasive price range. You can purchase 1 Mac license of CleanMyMac costs about $35/year. Other plans cost more and offer multiple devices. If you want to clean more than 2 Mac devices, then x5 (family) plan will be more economical to you. The family license costs about $81 and will serve 5 Mac devices for a year.

There is not much difference in the value price of both MacFly Pro & CleanMyMac cleaners. But considering the numbers, MacFly Pro is a better option for the long term considering the budget aspect.

Direct User Reviews

MacFly Pro Customer Reviews

Malcolm says, Just a normally working app no more, no less. I wish it showed me more about my Mac’s state ’cause I use it all the time and want it to work flawlessly. That’s why I downloaded this app. Also, it’d be awesome if it sent more notifications but not too many, you know. Like something in between the app that bombs with notifications every five minutes, and this one that is a bit shy. 

Charlton says, I use it about a month. It works, but if it had more functions, it would be excellent! I wanna use it to delete mail attachments or something`. Or apparently a sort of security for my device.

CleanMyMac X Customer Reviews

Tony says, I’ve been using my MacBook Pro for about 3 years, and the SSD drive was almost full. Used #CleanMyMac by MacPaw, and I cleared 106,53 GB!

Julie says, CleanMyMac is just what it says: best, simplest Mac clean ever. Well worth the money.

Final Pick? – CleanMyMac X

Considering all the features, we can clearly say that CleanMyMac X is the winner here.

This was everything about MacFly Pro VS CleanMyMac X, and I believe that you have your answer by now. As said earlier, this is strictly an unbiased, comprehensive article to influence your decision in a positive direction. I have stated all the relevant information about both the Mac cleaner software programs, but if you have any issues, then comment below. 

We genuinely care about our readers, and therefore, we would love to help you with anything more. Also, share this piece of useful information with your mates and help them choose a better Mac cleaner software to boost their system performance.

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