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macOS is one of the most popular operating systems and has more than 100 Million active users worldwide. Speeding the performance of Mac is undoubtedly the most common query amongst the Mac users. If you are looking for a reliable solution to enhance the performance of your Mac, then you should definitely try cleaning up the storage. In this guide, we will be sharing some effective methods to clean Mac’s storage manually and also share some automated cleaner tools.

If you think that Mac does not feature much flexibility as compared to Windows, then you are wrong. There are so many things that you can do to enhance the overall speed of your Mac. If you are not much of a doer, then a Mac storage cleaner will help you clean the storage. I have mentioned some of the best Mac storage cleaner tools that will enhance the speed of your system. 

Manual Method to Clean Mac Storage

There are so many things that you can do by yourself to get more storage and enhance the speed of your system. If you are lazy and do not want to do anything by yourself, then you can opt for automated cleaners, for instance, MacBooster 8 & CleanMyMac. Besides, you can integrate the manual methods with automatic cleaners to get more satisfying results.

Let us not waste any more of our precious time in the introduction and move further to some working methods to release storage.

Auditing your Mac’s storage is the first thing you need to do because it will allow you to access the stats of your disk. You can check the storage stats by visiting the “About this Mac” section and then selecting storage. Looking up for opportunities to clear unwanted data is the only thing that you can do to clean the storage of your system. 

As mentioned before, the best thing you can do is to turn on all the opportunities to release storage. After visiting the storage section, click on the Manage button and check out the mentioned recommendations. Apple wants you to have the best experience and, therefore, shows all the possible measures to system speed. 

The most effective & powerful recommendation is to move the data to iCloud or to optimize the system by removing obsolete or unwanted data. Reduce Clutter is an astounding in-built tool that shows & removes (with permission) large unused files on the system to gain storage.

Bonus: macOS Sierra & above versions automatically remove duplicate files & old unused fonts & languages to release more storage. 

Best Storage Cleaners for Mac

I know you might be wondering why am I putting forward these tools if you have already done the manual cleaning. Some system files are hidden not only for you but for the in-built optimizer. Storage cleaners aim to analyze the system to the fullest and then eliminate hidden junk & obsolete files. 

I have been a macOS user for almost a decade, and therefore, I know what works. Like Windows OS, macOS’s market is dynamic, and more powerful cleaners are available in the market. 

Below are some of the best storage cleaners for Mac that will help you increase your storage to the fullest.

MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8 is a premium Mac storage cleaner that not only releases storage but also offers some other fantastic features. It analyzes the system completely and eliminates the hidden junk files from the Mac. Apart from storage cleaning, MacBooster 8 draws protection against harmful virus malware. It provides users with robust features like a one-tap scan & turbo booster to review & enhance the system.

Unlike the basic Mac uninstaller, MacBooster 8 removes not only the program but also the remaining junk data of the specific program. If you want to auto-clean your Mac then MacBooster 8 is undoubtedly the best option for you. 


CleanMyMac is another potential cleaner for Mac that features an enchanting & user-friendly interface. It is rated as one of the best cleaners for Mac on many high authority blogs, and that makes it a trustworthy & reliable option. Like MacBooster 8, CleanMyMac aims to clean storage by clearing the log files, junk, cache, and other obsolete data. It also provides users with a free version that offers limited but fantastic features. 

Besides cleaning the storage, keeping the system safe from malware & virus is crucial. With precise cleaning, you also get robust virus protection with CleanMyMac. I recommend trying your hands on CleanMyMac and then choosing anyone as a primary cleaner.


CCleaner is a freemium performance-enhancing tool that is available for all the major operating systems, including macOS. Unlike CleanMyMac, it does not offer any extra features like virus protection. Apart from clearing the junk data, CCleaner aims to remove browser cookies and provide users with responsive support. 

The free version does not offer real-time system monitoring and some other features. But you can boost your system performance without subscribing to the paid version.


You might be aware of DaisyDisk because it is investing a good amount in advertising & marketing. It does not have any free version but provides users with a free trial with limited features. DaisyDisk has an appealing user-interface, and the infographic of system health is the most of it.

Unlike other premium storage cleaners, DaisyDisk allows you to filter out data before removing it from the system. It is good for basic cleaning but does not stand out against MacBooster 8 & other premium cleaners.

Drive Genius 

Driver Genius is a potential cleaner, but it is subjected to an overrated cleaner program. It enables you to release memory and automatically eliminate all types of malware. Besides, the interface is quite basic and proffers real-time monitoring of the system.

Drive Genius is definitely an effective cleaner, but there are better options available in the market with more features at less price. 


Onyx Mac Cleaner is a free storage cleaner for Mac that provides users with a straightforward interface. It provides users with a basic & user-friendly interface with multi-functions. 

Onyx shows all the information of your system software & hardware and enables you to release potential storage. If you are searching for a free, reliable storage cleaner for Mac, then Onyx is surely the one to cease your search.

AVG Cleaner for Mac

AVG Cleaner is another free program that aims to free up space on your Mac. It is a lightweight cleaner software that consumes less than 20MB of storage. It provides two action-buttons; Disk Cleaner & Duplicate Finder. AVG Cleaner Mac enables you to clean up the disk and also provides filtering of data/files. 

Besides, it allows you to dig out the duplicate files on the system by running the Duplicate Finder. It is one of the best free cleaners for Mac, but unlike the premium ones, AVG Cleaner for Mac is not super precise


Cleaning storage is surely the best way to enhance the performance of your Mac. Manual cleaning is good, but without a good Mac storage cleaner, it is impossible to remove hidden junk. I have mentioned some manual methods as well as trustworthy storage cleaners for Mac. I believe that this guide helped you to boost the speed of your computer/laptop. 

If you have any suggestions or doubts regarding storage cleaning for Mac, then let us know. Also, share this knowledge with your mates and let them speed up their system too.

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