8 Best Mac Adware Cleaners in 2020 [Get Rid of Ads]

Like most of the Mac users, I have been a victim of a malware/adware attack that turned my Mac into an advertisement channel. Back then, I had to format my system, but later I got to know about Mac ads cleaner programs that not only remove this malware but also enhance the system speed. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best Mac Adware Cleaners and help you get rid of those creepy on-screen advertisements or popups. 

People suggest so many ways to get rid of these ads & forceful surveys, but the two only working ways are Mac Cleaners or Formatting System. If you are struggling with adware in Mac, then you are on the perfect webpage. 

8 Best Mac Adware Cleaners

It is surely appealing that a small program can fix such critical issues like Malware-Adware. We inspected some of the most popular Mac Adware Cleaners and then finalized the listed ones below. 

If you have any issues or suggestions regarding any one of the listed programs, then let us know.

1. Macbooster 8

Before making Macsboost 8 as our best pick, we precisely compared all the aspects (data) with other cleaners. Macbooster 8 is an absolute performance software for Mac that not only prevents malicious malware attacks but also eliminates all the obsolete data. It increases the storage by removing junk data and eventually boosting the speed. 

Macbooster 8 prevents malware attacks as well as eliminates the infected files from the system. It proffers a simple interface that is operable & accessible to almost everyone. As said earlier, Macbooster is an absolute tool as it offers duplicate finder, privacy protection, and other astounding features. If you are searching for a reliable & powerful Mac adware cleaner, then Macbooster 8 is certainly the best pick for you.

2. CleanMyMac

As the name suggests, CleanMyMac is a powerful tool that aims to entirely clean your Mac and offer protection against viruses. Similar to Macbooster 8, CleanMyMac is a complete optimizing software program for Mac. It provides users with one tap scan and analyzes the whole (even the hidden junk) within a few seconds. 

CleanMyMac offers a separate Malware removal tool to check & remove all the existing viruses residing in your Mac. Besides, you cannot resist the enchanting interface that sums up all the functions to enhance your system. CleanMyMac is recommended by high authority tech blogs & other geeks, and hence, you should give it a try.

3. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is not an optimizer tool but just a malware removal software program for Mac. It is compatible with almost all the major operating systems that include Mac, Windows, Android & iOS. Unlike Macbooster 8, it does not cleans the memory or boosts the performance speed of your Mac.

Malwarebytes belongs to the premium segment of software and costs about $40/year. If you are searching for just an adware removal tool, then Malwarebytes might cease your search.

4. Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

Bitdefender is known as the global leader in cybersecurity and offers many different programs enhancing the security of computer systems. It proffers Adware Removal Tool for absolutely free. Adware Removal Tool provides a straightforward interface and scans the system precisely. 

Unlike most of the tools, Bitdefender offers this astounding Mac adware cleaner without any subscription charge. At first, it scans the system then removes all the possible threats from the Mac. Bitdefender’s Adware Removal is the most reliable free tool to remove adware in macOS.

5. Avira

For the people looking for a free Mac adware cleaner, Avira is certainly the best option. It is basically an antivirus software program that aims to prevent virus attacks and eliminate existing malware. 

Avira is not as precise as the premium software programs, but something is always better than nothing. If you require an adware cleaner for casual purposes, then Avira might satisfy your requirements. 

6. Avast Malware Scanner & Removal

Avast does not require an introduction as it is widely known for delivering quality security services. It is a freemium security tool for Mac that features both free & paid versions. 

Avast detects & removes all the existing malware as well as blocks incoming attacks. If you want complete protection against all forms of harmful viruses, then you should definitely opt for Avast Antivirus Premium Suite. 

7. Adware Cleaner 

Adware Cleaner is another potential adware cleaner for Mac that belongs to the premium segment of tools. It aims to eliminate all the vulnerable files and saves your Mac from adware.

For the people suffering from auto pop-up advertisements, Adware Cleaner is the one-stop solution. Unlike Macbooster & CleanMyMac, Adware Cleaner does not optimize the system and only works to eliminate malware from the Mac. 

8. Adware Cleaner By Max Secure

Last but not least, Adware Cleaner by Mac Secure is another potential Mac adware cleaner. It removes all the browser-based pop-ups and cleans your browser. Max Secure Adware Cleaner specifically aims to clean browsers because of almost 80% malware attacks through browsers. 

It features a user-friendly interface with minimal action buttons. Although Max Adware Cleaner does not proffer much, it costs about $3. 

Final Words

We have listed almost all the popular & trustworthy Macbook adware cleaners. There are some small programs that specifically remove adware malware and do not optimize the memory or system. Today, we learned about Mac adware and some of the best Mac adware cleaners to get rid of on-screen ads & surveys. 

We strongly recommend trying Macbooster & CleanMyMac as these are complete performance tools for Mac. If you have any suggestions or doubts regarding any of the listed Mac adware cleaners, then comment below. Also, share this useful information with your mates (who own Mac) and let them get rid of irritating pop-ups & malware attacks. 

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