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After a short period of consistent usage, I lost my trust in Mac’s speed & performance until I realized it requires regular cleaning. Yes, if you don’t keep proper care of your macOS, then it will surely deliver you poor performance. In this guide, we will be answering one of the most hyped questions amongst the Mac users— How to Speed up Mac? If you are searching for a similar query, then you are at the perfect webpage. 

We will share some of the most effective methods that will help you speed up your Mac. Besides, I will share some other tools that will optimize the overall performance of your system. I have been a consistent Mac user for ages and have tried hundreds of tricks to enhance the speed of my computer. I will share everything that worked for me and will definitely work for you too. Let us not wander around the introduction and move further to our main query— How to Speed up Mac?

Methods to Speed up Mac

There are so many factors that can be the reason for the slow performance of your Mac computer system. I recommend not to try nulled/cracked third-party programs on your macOS because those software programs eventually infect the whole drive.

Below I have mentioned some useful methods that will not only boost the speed of your Mac but also enhance the overall system performance.

Let It Breathe

Treat your Mac as a delicate jar and do not overpour something into it. In simple words, make enough space in your hard drive by eliminating the obsolete and unwanted files. 

Do not consume all the space available in the Mac because it affects the performance of the system. If it is crucial to store so much data, then add memory to your Mac. You can purchase SSD and external drives to store your important data. 

Release Items from System Preference 

System Preference is a stock application that stores all your custom apps and also enables you to make custom settings of your Mac. Storing too many apps in System Preference will definitely lead to slow or poor performance. Removing items from System Preference will also speed up your Mac.


Almost every macOS user turns on their system to use browsers. The addons plugins & extensions of browsers also slow the overall system performance too. If you want to enhance the system speed, then try uninstalling the unwanted browser plugins & extensions. Besides, clearing the cache & cookies of browsers also boosts the speed of the system.

Eliminate Unused Apps

There are dozens of applications that we don’t even use, but they consume a hell lot of memory and slow down computer performance. If you want to enhance the overall system speed of your Mac, then remove all the unwanted applications & data on your computer/laptop. You can rely on software programs like CleanMyMac to get rid of manual & irritating tasks.

Stay Updated

There is a strong myth that updating software of your system makes your system deliver poor performance. Contrary to the rumor, updating the system software not only enhances the speed of your Mac but also solves all types of bugs. 

Developers want you to have the best experience, and they work to improve the software and share updates with you. So if you are facing issues in your Mac, then updating the system software will help you speed up your Mac.

Basic Graphics = More Speed

Turning off visual graphics certainly speeds up a slow system within a few seconds. You can switch off the visual effects by tweaking some stock system settings. 

I have mentioned the exact steps to switch off the visual effects. 

  1. Click on the Apple logo and then select System Preference.
  2. Now, open Dock and turn off Animation & Show the Dock option.

Apart from the aforementioned settings, change the minimize windows settings to Scale from Genie.

I hope these settings will help you speed boost your system performance, but there is more to it— TOOLS! Yes, performance & optimization tools deliver performance that you cannot archive manually.

Best Cleaners Tools for Mac

There are hundreds of software programs in the market that promise to enhance the performance of overall macOS. I have tried almost all the hyped software programs and listed some of the best performance tools for Mac below. 


CleanMyMac is a robust performance tool designed especially for Mac. It proffers a light interface with straightforward features. The one-click scan makes it more accessible for the user and projects all the system issues with precise descriptions. 

CleanMyMac not only offers optimization to the user but also absolute protection against malware & virus. The program size is less than 150MB and does not consume much memory. CleanMyMac is a premium Mac cleaner and costs about $35/year. For the people who are looking for a premium & effective Mac cleaner tool, CleanMyMac is a perfect option to go for. 

MacBooster 8

As the name suggests, MacBooster 8 is another potential cleaner for Mac that aims to boost the performance of your Mac. MacBooster 8 speeds up the Mac by eliminating the junk data stored/hidden in your system. It features a special function called the Turbo boost that optimizes all the storage disks to the best and removes the junk from disk storage.

Like CleanMyMac, it provides users with absolute protection against all types of viruses and removes all types of existing malware from your system. It does a complete virus scans and removes the infected data without any technical hassle. If you are searching for a powerful & automated cleaner tool for Mac, then MacBooster will definitely cease your search.


Last but not least, CCleaner has always been the first choice of every Windows user, but they are pouring value to Mac users too. It belongs to the freemium segment of the cleaners and offers both free & paid plans. CCleaner aims to fasten the system by eliminating the dead junk data from the system. 

Besides, it allows you to filter the things you do not want to clean, for instance, browsing cookies & cache. Responsive support & real-time monitoring makes CCleaner Premium a worthy purchase for Mac. 

These were some of the best cleaners for Mac that will help you to enhance the overall speed of your system. To be honest, I use CleanMyMac as a primary cleaner for my Mac, and I recommend opting for its free trial. 


The macOS is seriously delicate, and hence, every user requires to save it from junk & harmful files to experience fast performance. Some people rely on manual cleaning, which is not effective if you do not have in-depth knowledge and also consumes a lot of the person’s time. Today, I have precisely answered the query— “How to Speed up Mac?” and shared method & tools that will boost the overall performance of your Mac. 

I believe that this guide helped you & satisfied all your queries regarding Mac performance-enhancing methods & tools. If you have any suggestions or doubts, then please comment below, and we’ll respond to it shortly. Also, share this useful information with your friends who own Mac and wish to enhance its performance.

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